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Introducing The GPT Juggernaut

From the desk of Jason Caluori up in the frigid winter mountains of Western Montana, just West of the Bitterroot River:
Everyone I've talked to wants to use Ai. 

Affiliate marketers


Local biz owners


They see the potential for it to make them more money, save time, get rid of boring tasks, automate decision making, etc etc...

It makes sense.

It has been over a year now that Ai has disrupted so much of the world around us.

Including affiliate marketing.

Here's the 3 areas that have been hit the hardest:

1) Keyword Research - this is much faster and beginner friendly now.

2) Content Creation - wow! The costs have dropped so much for tasks like making articles, videos, images, etc.

3) Optimization - this is my favorite part. Ai can be trained to assist in decision making.

It's a lot.

Which is great on one hand. Who doesn't love seeing so much opportunity for making money online in 2024?

But on the other hand...

It's downright overwhelming.

You can easily get lost in all the new Ai tools and info out there.

And if you don't get into Ai right now, it can get worse.

Here's what I mean.

You will watch more people do this, and make money faster. 

I actually think it will make us lazier, but in a good way. Where it's easier to be lazy and make money when you're using Ai. It's easier to go on a trip, and let Ai do things for you. It's easier to get things setup. And so much more is becoming easier. 

I can imagine there will be a lot of people out there who are spending extra hours, extra money, and lots more WASTED on doing things the old and inefficient way.

There will be more news coming out about millionaires being made during this "Ai wave" we are all witnessing.

And I know at least one person will message me a year from now saying, "Dang it! I should have jumped into doing this sooner. I could have made a lot of money during the past year."

Most of all, I just think the old way of doing affiliate marketing is really BORING!

It was boring to stare at spreadsheets and tools to find keywords.

It was boring to write content or deal with writers, and all the back forth that comes with it.

And it was boring to hunt around for affiliate programs.

But what if it could be FUN?

Good news! While all this has been happening outside of our community, we decided to start a special project.
It's for everyone who feels like you are 6-inches away from a breakthrough with Ai, but there's something missing.

That "something" is in here.

We've created tools & training to upgrade your affiliate marketing, and you get INSTANT access to them right now.

1. Research affiliate programs faster and find "gold nuggets" using Ai. Our tool finds new product launches for you in health, wealth, tech, and more industries.
2. Get rid of wasted costs on creating content. New tools allow you to not only save money, but also time spent on creating articles, images, videos, and more.
3. Fix what's causing your website to not make money, or what's holding it back from it's full conversion potential. Take a picture and our Ai will read your page, then it tells you specifically how to fix things.
And so much more is waiting for you on the inside.

When you join, you also get access to new tools that are planned and in development.

Plus, if you have a tool you want that you don't see in here, you can get it built for you! Just go to the community Facebook group after you join. And find the thread to request it.

This is going to be an incredible year for making money!

Join us now and get instant access to our Ai Affiliate Marketing tools. 

Along with training that will shortcut your path to making money, and getting you the freedom you're after.

See you on the inside!

Meet Your Underground Coaches

Jason Caluori

With over a decade in affiliate marketing, and E-commerce, Jason's insights will help you achieve breakthroughs.

Donothan Gamble

Donothan's 11+ years in affiliate marketing and digital real estate provide insider knowledge for massive digital success.

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